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Ostello - Hostel - Catania
Welcome to the Ostello degli Elefanti, Catania’s most central hostel.

We are situated in picturesque Baroque heart of Sicily, beneath the slopes of the majestic and pulsating Mt. Etna and by the breaking waves of our amazing sea.



Hostel Catania

Reception 24 h
Internet Wi-fi
Deposito Bagagli
Noleggio Asciugamani
Noleggio Bici

"La dolce vita" Hospitality and Culture

Immerse yourself in the art and culture of our splendid town, and delight in a sensory trip tasting our local cuisine!
From our strategic location you can visit the entire old town by foot with its characteristic markets and reach all outside destinations with extreme ease.
Revel in the cultural and social life of our city and our beautiful hostel, located in a palace that dates back to 1600 - one of the oldest in the city. The baroque architecture will fill your eyes with beauty, arancini and cannoli will fill your stomach and the Sicilians will fill your heart with their smiles.
And if there wasn’t enough beauty for you on the outside, we’ve also brought it inside.
During your stay in the hostel our staff will advise you on your trip while you hang out with us and chat while sipping a cold drink or a coffee. We won’t be offended when you lose yourself gazing at the clouds and the angels of the five hundred year old frescos that adorn our ceilings.
Taste the unique experience of staying in a hostel unique in the world.

  • Palace from 1600's
  • Centric
  • Panoramic
  • Multi service

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European Day of Music live at Hostel

Rocket from the Kitchen & Ostello degli Elefanti Hostel Catania for the first time will be leading a European Day of Music. Each year, on 21 June, the day of the Summer Solstice, all of Europe celebrates the arrival of summertime with free musical festivals and concerts. European Day Music 015

Thanks to the initiative “Buongiorno Musica” organized by MEI (Meeting Etichette Indipendente) and Beeyourconcert with Ostello Degli Elefanti, we will be the stage for this wonderful event, supported by our friends from Arci Comitato Territoriale Catania.

At 10:00am Radio Arci Catania opens, direct live-streaming on www.radiomatria.org, with interviews by Circolo Melquiades di Catania.

Membership is free with the Rocket from the Kitchen Association.

11:00am Concert Babalot

12:30pm Concert Tutti ci scoglionammo a stento - Claudio Palumbo

We will also have a delicious brunch, of many different dishes and flavors, prepared for the guests by our rock ‘n roll chefs from Rocket from the Kitchen.

Artist Profiles: Babalot http://www.beeyourconcert.com/it/babalot

Claudio Palumbo Tutti ci scoglioniamo a stento

Entrance is free!

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Delicious treats from our Hostel

logo Ristorante Ostello

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